Badcock Tour by Christine Besze

Working in the Adult Entertainment Industry, Darcie’s used to being surrounded by dicks all day. She’s just tired of dating them.

Three friends. Too many drinks. A terribly awesome idea. 

A girl can be played so many times before she snaps. Enough is enough. Time to turn the tables. 

This summer, the playees become the players. And brace yourself. Sh*t’s about to get weird.

***WARNING*** If you do not have a twisted sense of humor, a dirty mind, enjoy getting laid, enjoy a laugh or five, and aren’t into women who swear like drunken sailors then this book isn’t for you. Derail, derail this cocktrain now.


ellie's $0.02:

When author Christine Besze contacted me to read and check out her new book, I thought to myself (and this is a true story, completely factual):  "Sure.  Why not?  Sounds like a rock star story.  I mean, the band name 'Badcock' is a horrible band name, not sure what she was thinking... but sure."

So I start reading and find out it's not about a BAND tour.  Then I start thinking "Oh my *clutching my pearl necklace*, is this a book about a slut that goes on tour and gets all bad dicks?  How sad."

Let's just say by the end of this surprise debut that was thrown at my face, I was glowing.  GLOWING.  It made me happy.  It made me laugh.  It did not make me orgasm.  But close.

Everything about this book is crazy, outrageous, hysterical, laugh-out-loud entertainment.  Even though it was not a book about a famous rock star with his band Badcock on tour.  It is soooooo worth the read.

Now send over a Cumdrop Martini and let's drink.