Vindicated by Misty Walker


Dustin is a convicted murderer.

He’s mournful, bitter, drowning in a sea of self-pity with nothing left to lose.

The church has sent me to bring him into the fold.

Bound by my namesake, Saint Odilia,

I should be defending my spirituality and morality with my life.

It only took a few letters to change everything.


Odilia saved my life and gave me her heart.

But I’m still mournful, bitter and drowning in self-pity.

Only now I have something to lose… her.

Gaining my freedom was supposed to be the hard part, but it’s going to take much more for me to be worthy of a saint.


About the Author


Misty Walker has been writing stories, articles, and poems since junior high. Preferring to stay behind the scenes until now, she has been an avid romance reader, a blogger, and an audiobook proofer for the last fifteen years. Growing up in a nomadic household, Misty has lived all up and down the western USA, but recently settled in Reno, Nevada. Misty is a mom to two kids who are slowly trying to kill her, but they are cute, so she will keep them. She just celebrated her sixteen-year anniversary with her computer geek husband and has two dogs, Dunkin and Dutch, that are her constant companions while she happily reads and writes her life away.





Sasha’s $0.02



This was a great change of pace from my favorite sub genres. Walker put together a great little tale that I breezed through and was thoroughly entertained by.


We have a classic tale of opposites attract with Dustin and Odilia. He’s a hardened criminal and she’s a nun in training. A lot of the story is the building of their relationship through email. I liked this concept because their relationship built slowly and organically. They go through the normal doubt couples do even with their unique circumstance,  but they also encourage each other through self doubt and hardships.


I liked Odilia, she stayed true to her character from beginning to end although I would have like to see her stand up for herself a bit more. Dustin also stayed true to his character, he was unapologetic about his past and in true bad boy fashion he tried to make Odilia blush every chance he got.


Both characters did a lot of soul searching about what they wanted out of life and how to get there.


I enjoy this one quite a bit. I was entertained, the story flowed well and the characters were interesting. This was a really good debut novel from Walker and I’m very excited to watch her grow as an author.