Mixed with Trouble (Cash Bar #6) by Hayley Faiman


Lea was born into the Notorious Devils life. A daughter of a traitor.

She fell in love at the age of fourteen, maybe even before that. She is determined to become a woman that he can love, even if she can never have him.

When trouble appears in her life, she is forced to call upon the Devils to save her. She reaches out to the one man that she knows she shouldn’t.

Baby knows that his relationship with Lea has only ever been platonic. Even if nobody else in the club has understood their bond, he has only ever wanted to protect her.

When his phone rings six years after she leaves for boarding school, he doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue. After all, he has always vowed to have her back.

He knows it’s wrong. He cannot deny that this wild child has turned into a beautiful wild woman. One that he cannot let go. He must make her his, even if he is not available to give himself to her completely.


ellie’s $0.02:

It’s not really a secret that I’m a fan of Hayley Faiman. While her storylines are gritty, the plots sometimes an ugly topic, her characters are so real and mean sometimes that it physically hurts my heart - wait a minute, why do I read her?

Because sometimes the nontraditional becomes the traditional. Okay, maybe not “traditional” but the gritty becomes the enjoyable. Sometimes the ugly IS the pretty. And sometimes it is just about a world to escape in… whether for the better or for the worse… of what you are actually living. Isn’t that what reading is about?

Are all her alpha males a book boyfriend in my mind? That would be a solid FUCK NO. This is Baby’s story. And honestly, I think he is kind of a baby. Do I like him? Meh. He is kind of a baby. But again. The character is so well developed and laid out for me, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE… in general. I certainly wouldn’t kiss, fuck, or marry him. DUDE. DISEASES. GERMAPHOBE. CLUBWHORES.

Lea? I don’t know. I’m still sorting my feelings.

Mixed with Trouble is definitely a mix of trouble. This one turned out being one of my fave Faiman books. Not my top fave, but a solid, like… top five (she only has like five billion books written, so that’s saying a lot). She took me down one road that I was like “yo, I got this and figured it out” and then I was going another direction.

Again. Her world is not the pretty and the traditional… but what you DO get is stellar storytelling and a whole new world to get lost in. Can’t say if her characters’ worlds are better or worse than mine, but I’ll always always always dive into them.

Excuse me while I go get gray dreads now.