Infinite (Salvation #7) by Corinne Michaels


I was right. I never should’ve fallen back in love with Quinn. I always knew we wouldn’t make it. And to make matters worse, not only did I lose my soulmate—I lost myself as well.


Everything was stripped away, leaving me bare and unable to breathe. No one told me it could hurt this much. I was unprepared for this level of agony from the horrible weight of grief.


I planned to love him infinitely. But what is infinity, when love always ends?



Sasha’s $0.02


It’s taken me awhile to gather my thoughts about this story. I said in my last review that the story was classic Corinne with its angst, suspense and emotion. That’s 100% true, with the conclusion of Quinn and Ashton’s story we get Corinne at her best. She delivered a journey through heartbreak and healing that truly touched my soul.


I read a majority of this book through my tears. I felt this book on a whole other level than I usually do because the story hit so close to home. Michaels really did a fantastic job at capturing every emotion that both Quinn and Ashton experience. These two are really put through the wringer, when one of them wanted to give up,  the other carried their love through the tough times. That’s what love is, leaning on each other when things get hard.


Stories like this one is exactly why I love this genre. Once again the author has created a couple that weathered the storm and came out on the other side clinging to each other. Thanks to Corrine for writing this story and doing it absolute justice.