Crew Princess (Crew #2) by Tijan


Being crew is walking between two worlds.

One world is normal: Prom. Parties. College.

Those are the concerns they worry about.


In our world, we deal with other situations.

Cops. Drugs. Brawling.

That’s a typical day for us.


But what if it wasn’t?


What if there came a day when you stopped?

When you considered letting your enemies win?

When you didn’t fight back?

When you chose a different path?


First I lost my family. Then I got the Wolf Crew.

I couldn't lose them too.


But what happens when Cross, Zellman, and Jordan keep going…

...and I don’t?


Sasha’s $0.02


Crew Princess picks up right where Crew leaves off. Bren is trying to keep out of trouble. She’s also building relationships outside of Crew and thinking about what life holds for her after school ends. More so, what will happen with her and Cross.


I really liked that we saw a bit more vulnerability with Bren, but she’s still the boss babe we all know and love. I loved Cross, he was so great throughout the story and I wished we would have gotten his POV. The relationships with everyone in Crew also strengthens even with everything that is thrown at them. This story is packed full of drama which I quite like as it’s classic Tijan.


This one was a little slower in the first half, but there are some good twists as the book picks up. We are left with a cliffhanger, so be prepared for that.

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