Two (Love by Numbers #7) by E.S. Carter


One becomes two.
Two become one.

Should love be easy?
Because, after all, love is love.

I once thought I didn’t have a type.
Man or woman, I didn’t have a preference. If I liked you, I liked you.
I was wrong.
I have a preference—a strong one.
His name is Flynn.
Flynn Phillips.

Life is no longer full of ones but full of firsts.

Can I make Flynn my last?
Can one become two... forever?

DD's $0.02

Two is the highly anticipated sequel to Isaac Fox and Flynn Phillips' story, One (Love by Numbers, Book 5).

Our men are, thankfully, still together and have moved on to bigger and better things. Flynn's success from the production of Feyness has landed him a starring role in a big Hollywood film and Iz is doing his thing as a major player in the photography world. However, each are finding it difficult being separated by thousands of miles and dealing with their new fandom with the paparazzi.

Learning the ropes of the cutthroat movie business and dealing with a douchebag director, is proving to be much harder than Flynn ever imagined. The director seems to have a knack for breaking Flynn down, which in turn makes him doubt his acting potential. His one highlight is his co-star, Jessica Baker. Her sickly sweet sarcasm breaks the tension and frustrates the director. Two birds, one stone.

While Flynn is on the other side of the world, Iz is home dealing with his own crap. Well, family crap. The Foxes are a large, tight knit family and when one starts to fail, Iz will always be there to help pick up the pieces. However, Iz is way out of his league with this issue and has no idea where to begin. This is new to Iz and it has him feeling desperate and lost.

With each having their worlds at odds, these two need each other more than ever. To be in each other space, to breathe the same air. They know being together makes them stronger, yet there is always something intruding on their time.Knowing the other is trying to cope with their own problems, they each hold back so as not to burden the other further. Their communication is nonexistant which is extremely hard to watch. If they could just trust in each other and confide their struggles, maybe they wouldn't feel as if their worlds were spinning out of control. If they can't communicate their fears, how can they become the couple they so desperately want to be?

I fell in love with Iz and Flynn while reading One. To be able to read more about their story in Two was a treasure. I am in absolute awe with E.S. Carter and at an utter loss how she is able to paint such a vivid picture with her words. Her words pack a serious punch and I cannot get enough. I can see her characters and feel their emotions. Ms. Carter, you have a gift and I am excited to read more from you.

I came upon this quote and thought it was perfect for Iz and Flynn:

When two people truly love each other, their hearts become one...their silence becomes their own language...their eyes talk and their heart beats respond...hours feel like seconds, they are lost in time...when they are together then life is complete ~ Neena Gupta