Craving Rose (The Aces Sons #5) by Nicole Jacquelyn


I, Rose Hawthorne, have crap taste in men. 

But, who could blame me, really? 

When the stories of how your dad and uncles raised hell before settling down are legendary, it was all too easy to see Prince Charming everywhere, believing that if a man loved me enough, he’d change. 

What a load of garbage. 

I was tired of the game, almost as tired as I was of being the only single adult at every family barbecue. 

But you know what they say, the moment you stop looking, the right one finds you.

Pet’s $0.02

I cannot tell you how much I love Mack.

He’s not perfect. He refused to admit to himself what Rose meant to him or her place in his life. He reacts, sometimes harshly, when he’s cornered into making a decision. And he’s stubborn as all get out. But, he’s also a total marshmallow when it comes to his daughter, Kara. The way Kara loves him, proves what a good dad he is. He’s a wonderful son and he loved his late wife. And when he’s with Rose, he’s WITH Rose. She is his focus and his priority. He just boxed her into one little portion of his life and didn’t want to let her influence bleed into other areas of his life.

Rose was chasing love and picking all the wrong guys. She tricked herself into thinking she could put up with their antics because she wanted someone to love. She didn’t do that with Mack because Mack was a friend first so there weren’t all the same expectations you’d have with a relationship. Her only mistake with Mack was not pushing him to define what they were to each other. But I really couldn’t blame her. I’d be a little gun shy with her past too.

I am loving the Aces kid’s books. It would be easy to fall back on making these books just an extension of the all the parents of the MC we already love. But these books stand on their own and keep the focus on the kids. I have no idea which kid she’ll focus on next, but I’m RSVP’ing to this family reunion now.