It Wasn't Me (KDP Motorcycle Patrol #2) by Lani Lynn Vale


Piper Mackenzie first sees him shirtless, standing in front of the military plane she was about to board, with one rather large wrench in his hand. The fact that he has the plane—the one that she’s about to be flying on for hours—in pieces only minutes before she’s set to take off on it doesn’t faze her. At least not until a flippant joke about dying in mid-air leaves his lips. 

The second time she sees him, he’s helping her from the wreckage of her car. The wreckage that he helped cause. 

The third, he’s laying across from her in the same bed, and there’s no denying what happened the night before. 

The fourth, well that time would be the first of many. Being Mrs. Jonah Crew has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 


Jonah Crew saw her for the first time as she stared at him in awe. It was snowing, the temp was in the negative degrees, and he couldn’t think about anything but her and the look of horror on her face when he tells a badly-timed joke. 

The second time he sees her, his heart skips a beat, but not for the reason that one might think. Mainly, it’s due in part to the fact that his truck smashed into her car so hard that his chest hits the steering wheel and his heart decides to stop working right. 

The third time, he’s fairly positive that he’s died and gone to heaven. At least, that’s what waking up next to a beautiful woman like her signifies, right? 

The fourth? Well, he’s not quite sure how he got there, but he’s already said ‘I do’ so what’s a guy to do?

Pet’s $0.02

Oh, how the big men fall.

Jonah fell hard and fast and I loved every little freaking second of this book.

This book had a great plot. I didn’t find one loop-hole even as I was trying to piece all the little bits together to figure out what was going on.

Jonah is probably one of my favorite LLV men of all time, which is saying something because she has a ton of hot sexy alpha men to choose from. But I just loved how he spoke his mind. No pulling any punches. It was outright hilarious. Getting a run down on what he said to whom from everyone was something I looked forward to all the way through. And damn, that man was in love with Piper. No questions, no doubts, no stressing over whether he did or didn’t want a woman in his life. He found her, he fell for her, and he was keeping her. To top it all off, I can actually hear Jonah’s voice in my head when he speaks. That’s good writing when you can do that for a reader.

Piper was just as much fun. She was a woman who knew her own mind. Marriage wasn’t even close to what she was looking for on her way home from Germany. But like a lucky penny, Johan kept showing up in her life when she least expected to see him and she was smart enough to realize they had something special going on and act on it. Her interactions with Jonah were seriously funny. I’m hoping we get more of these two in upcoming books, because I need more of both.