Blood Captive (The Blackthorne Vampires #1) by Kim Loraine


I never knew who the Blackthorne Vampires were, but now it’s too late.

I’d give anything to turn back time. 
My mother's last breath was a warning to run. I wish I'd have listened.

Now, I’m their captive.

One wants my blood. The other wants my heart.

I just want to be free.

Pet’s $0.02

This is a pretty cool twist on the vampire genre.

I loved the whole idea of a race of humans whose blood allowed the vampires to walk in the sun and stave off the sun sickness that eventually leads to madness and death. I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t treat them a little better, but I’m hoping that answer will come in the follow up book to this one.

I wasn’t sure, by the time I finished this book, whether I loved or hated Cashel. He has some definite selling points, but he also pissed me off about every other page. And he left me doubting if he was as enamored of Olivia as he claimed.

Olivia was surprisingly complacent for someone who was kidnapped, exposed to vampires for the first time ever and told that she would never leave the Blackthorne mansion. And it’s not like the rest of the residents liked her, they barely tolerated her. I expected more temper tantrums. I expected her to have more clout since they needed her so desperately.

The stand out was Lucas. I really liked Lucas. He seemed to have Olivia’s best interest in mind and by the end I was still not sure if he was helping Cashel and Olivia or playing an incredibly long game. Only time will tell.


This book ends on one hell of a cliffhanger.