Hero (Unfit Hero #2) by Hayley Faiman


Defeated. Coward. Gutless. Weak. 

Perceptions define the man that I have become on the inside. 
The world may not see me this way, but this is who I am. 

Sullied. Contaminated. Worthless. Masked. 

The way I perceive myself affects every aspect of my life. 
The world may see a perfectly clean person, but on the inside, I am nothing but dirty and scarred. 

The world sees us one way. 
We see ourselves another. 
Perceptions are what we’ve given ourselves. 
Perceptions of what we think we deserve.

Pet’s $0.02

Well, Wyatt definitely stood out in Convict and I’m so glad he got his own book next. He had a lot to live up to when following someone like Rylan. And for the most part, he met the challenge.

He was such a support to Rylan, he was the voice of reason, the clear head and the only one who really gave his cousin a chance to redeem himself. So, I think I may have expected him to be above all those pesky little emotions that would make him doubt himself. He held himself to such a high standard I don’t think there was ever a chance he could live up to it. But, damn did he try.

I’m still thinking about Exeter and trying to figure out how I feel about her. She’s so strong in some ways, but I’m struggling with whether she was weak in others or just complacent. I wanted her to be so much stronger when she was dealing with her father. She just struck me as someone who didn’t go after the things she wanted. Even her relationship with Wyatt was something that happened to her, not something she pursued. But she’s not a bad character and I still find that I like her quite a bit, so it’s complicated. The way she treats Channing plays a big part in my opinion of her.

Overall, I really like these two together. Rylan slightly edges Wyatt out as my favorite, but he is certainly no slacker and has earned every dirty thought. Now bring me Louis!