Changing Lines (Bellevue Bullies #5) by Toni Aleo


Claire and Jude Sinclair have been living the perfect life for the last ten years. 

Blissfully in love, professionally successful, happily married… They have everything they want—except a baby to make their family complete. 

On the eve of the birth of the baby they’re planning to adopt, Jude gets traded to another hockey team in another state, and their thoughtfully planned-out road to parenthood hits a speed bump. 

But they didn’t survive all the turmoil of their pasts to get knocked out now. This is their game seven, and they won’t accept anything less than a win for the family they’re destined to have.

Pet’s $0.02

This was a cute return to the world of the Sinclairs. I’m not going to lie. The Sinclair men have never been my favorites in Aleo’s hockey worlds, but this was done well, and Jude came across as way more loveable this time. I liked that he supported Claire and made sure she knew that their status as parents would never change how he felt about her.

Claire was all wound up about being a mom. With Tristen, her heart was in the right place, but the amount of stress she was putting on herself and Tristen could not be good for either of them. And I also get that a lot of women want to have their own children, but all I could think was that they had been trying for years and there were a ton of kids out there that would have loved to have the support and care that these two would have given them if they had not been hung up on a child of their own making.

But, again, this was a fun read and the scenes with Jude attempting to diaper a baby was worth the price and the read. He makes an adorable father.