Dump and Chase (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #1) by Toni Aleo


Shelli Adler has known what she wanted since she was eleven years old.

Aiden Brooks.

But Aiden has always had other ideas. After spending the early years of his life without his dad, hockey legend Lucas Brooks, Aiden is determined not to settle for anything less than true love. When he’s ready. Now he’s living the fast life of an NHL bachelor. He won’t give his heart to any one girl, but they can have his body—all night long.

The party to celebrate the start of the second half of the season was supposed to be no different from any other night. And when a stunning stranger approaches him, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

The next morning, she’s gone, and he’s been traded to his dad’s former team, the Nashville Assassins. All of his professional dreams are coming true, but he can’t shake the memory of the girl from that last party. He wants to see her again. Though, after moving across the country—and without knowing her name—that dream seems like a puck destined to miss the net.

For Shelli, her night with Aiden was everything she’d ever imagined it could be, and she’s sure it is all about to change for them. But for that to happen…he would have to know who she was.

The Dump was only the beginning. The Chase is worth waiting a lifetime for.

Pet’s $0.02

This book started out strong but lost some of its steam toward the end.

I love a female character that owns her own sexuality and doesn’t conform to what society, or hell, family for that matter, expects of them. I liked that Shelli went after her dreams and realized them without leaning on her parents to make her life easier. She was trusting and confident and it made her a great character to read. She’s someone that Aiden should have been thrilled to be dating, not someone he hid. But she kind of went off the rails when she and Aiden hit a relationship bump and took stubbornness to the extreme.

Aiden was definitely in the wrong when he met Shelli. He created all the issues he’s had to deal with himself and I love that his dad, Lucas, called him on his behavior. He’s not a bad guy, he just makes really poor choices and he rivals Shelli on stubbornness. He REFUSES see what a great thing he and Shelli could have. He only looks at how everything could go wrong.

But, these two are perfect together. Shelli understands more about hockey than I think even Aiden does and Aiden understands and recognizes how intelligent and driven Shelli is. He doesn’t expect her to give up her dreams to support his own.

I love that the Assassin series is continuing with the kids and I’m looking forward to the next books.