Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely


There is no rule in the Man Code as unbreakable as this: no matter how beautiful, smart, clever, and witty she is, do not—under any circumstances—fall in love with your best friend’s woman. 
Yeah. So there’s that. Look, it’s not like I didn’t know I screwed up by falling for her. 
Also, for the record, unrequited love sucks big time.
And, I might have cut myself some slack by now, given everything that went down in the last few years, but Lulu just walked back into my life in a big way.
There are three things I've never been able to resist—my friends, my family, and chocolate.
Leo Hennessy? He was nowhere on that list. He's been a true friend—a friend who walked through hell and back with me.
Now, I'm stepping into my new future. I didn't expect it to include a riddle-filled, race-against-the-clock scavenger hunt across New York City.
With Leo.
Suddenly, I'm looking at this man with new eyes...
But my life spun out because of a man once before, and I can’t risk my fresh start, no matter what the temptation. And Leo is most definitely a temptation of the sexiest, sweetest, and most dangerous variety. 
More irresistibly delicious than chocolate...

Pet’s $0.02

Leo is one of those princes among men.

To miss out on being with the girl you fell in love with because you didn’t speak up soon enough, that’s gotta sting. And then to watch the woman you’re in love with marry your best friend? Harsh.

From the beginning I felt like you could tell that Leo was the one for Lulu. They just meshed. He was super sweet, adored Lulu and did his best to keep everything on a friends level. He did so well, Lulu had no idea he ever felt that way about her.

But I think the way that Blakely handled the relationship between Leo and Lulu, post Tripp, was well done. Leo actually had a problem dealing with guilt way more than Lulu did, which was a surprise. And it didn’t help that Tripp knew Leo was in love with her. How do you not let something like that come between your friendship?

This is a cute read. I don’t want to say it’s fluff because it certainly isn’t. It’s a great story of delayed gratification where the guy who should have gotten the girl finally does.