Death by C.M. Radcliff


Forsaken. Carnage. Eradication.

Pet’s $0.02

Wow. I went into this expecting to hate this guy. I mean HATE this man!

I couldn't see any way that I would ever feel sympathy for someone who snapped and did what Curtis did. And honestly, this is probably going to push every button imaginable for readers, but if you can get past the hot buttons and just read the story, I think you'll be surprised that Curtis held out as long as he did. This kid got shit from day one from his parents, his school, his peers, the social services system…every single one of them let this kid fall through the cracks.  It's a story of the system failing our children as it does every single day. He tried to avoid this outcome and still "they" poked and taunted and abused until he just couldn't keep doing it. I honestly couldn't blame him. He showed honest remorse. He knows what he did was wrong. And now, just wants it to be over.

I felt bad for Curtis. I don't condone what he did, but I can understand how he got to that point. And I dare you not to get a little choked up at the end.