Million Dollar Musician by RB Hilliard


As lead singer of Indigo Road, I had it all: fame, fortune, and all the sex a man could ever want. 
My fall from the top was anything but graceful, and I lost everything, including my self-respect.
Stepping back into the spotlight would prove a challenge. A challenge I was more than ready for, until she happened—Wynne Benfield. She was the whole package: brains, beauty and talent. She was also forbidden.
But I am Sander James. I don’t play by the rules . . . I make them.

Pet’s $0.02

Oh man, I really did not think I was going to like Sander. He’s kind of an ass at times. And let’s just say he makes some seriously poor life choices. Someone really needs to get this man a handler.

I’m not quite sure how he and Wynne ever thought they were going to keep their relationship a secret in this world of social media, camera phones and selling your story to the highest bidder, but they went for it anyway. And I might question how Sander went about trying to fix his fuck ups, but he did try.

Sander really turned out to be a pretty great guy. I loved how into Wynne he was and how he was willing to do almost anything to win her love and make her getting pulled into his past bullshit right.

Wynne could have been a little more understanding of Sander and given him a little more trust, but honestly, he really didn’t have a stellar track record. And since he wasn’t willing to set her straight on what his plans were, she really didn’t have any other choice than to protect her career and her heart.

This is a great companion? Spin off? Continuation? I’m not sure what RB Hilliard is calling it, but it’s a great rock star book connected to her Meltdown series.