Gone Missing (Gone Missing Detective Agency #1) by Jami Davenport


With a missing father, a murderous brother, and a marriage of convenience, Becca Galbraith's life is one hot mess…and it's about to get hotter.
After overhearing her brother plotting a murder, Becca is desperate to find out the truth behind her family's business dealings and her father’s disappearance. She makes a deal with the devil--a gorgeous, irreverent soldier turned PI. She’s in over her head and sinking fast.
The last thing Bronson Warner ever wanted was to be a groom. The second to the last thing he ever wanted was to be a dad. Through a weird twist of fate, he's now both within the span of a few weeks. His solitary life has been turned upside down and stomped on by a wife who’s his exact opposite and teenagers who have their own tragic secret, and it's his responsibility to keep them all safe.
As Bronson strives to protect his new family, he realizes not only are their lives in danger, but so is his heart.

Pet’s $0.02

This isn’t really a friends-to-lovers or even enemies-to-lovers book. It’s almost an indifferent to lovers book. It’s a light romantic mystery with a hero and heroine that are likeable enough, I’m just not sure they were really in love.

Bronson is kind of cold. He has all kinds of resentment for his father who abandoned he and his brother as children.  That sucks. It can scar a person and change the way you look at relationships, but I didn’t get why he was so angry at his half-brothers and sisters. I’d think he’d feel a kinship with them for being screwed over in the same way. It’s even bled over into how he treats Becca. He didn’t talk to her and he didn’t interact with her. They shared a home and a life, even if it is fake, but I wanted to see more connection between them.

Becca knows her family is messed up. But she’s comfortable and she’s never really had to push herself for anything or anyone. I think if her father hadn’t disappeared, she would have kept on living her life the same way she always had. She’s also heard the rumors about her family so she kind of knows where her family money is coming from. But, of the two of them, I liked Becca more. She was willing to change, and her personality developed, where Bronson fought it every step of the way.

These two don’t stand out to me as strong individual personalities but their story does end up being a sweet, easy romance.