Fiercely Emma (Cake #3) by J. Bengtsson


Emma, older sister of renowned rock star Jake McKallister, has crafted a quiet existence for herself. Fiercely independent, scorned at work, and indifferent to relationships, she’s spent the past decade trying to move on from the crime that shook her family to the core. Living by a promise she made to herself as a distraught sixteen-year-old, Emma has sworn off marriage and children… until a chance encounter with a scruffy hitchhiker throws her orderly world into chaos. 

A wild child raised in mayhem by a teenage mother, fearless Finn Perry cruises through life as the perennial nice guy. Now a struggling actor, he supports himself by performing daredevil stunts. At a crossroads in his life, one thing has always remained constant in his world: Finn’s desire to start the family he never had. The mystery woman who rescues him from the side of the road sure seems like the perfect person for the job. 

But unfinished business from Emma’s troubled past looms heavy, threatening to destroy the fledging love she’s found with the only man to ever jump-start her wounded heart.

Pet’s $0.02

I wanted to like both Emma and Finn so damn much. But, while I absolutely adored Finn, Emma was a harder sell and she drug that out to the end.

Finn is just one of those guys you love right off the bat. He has a semi-bitchin’ job, if it didn’t injure him so often, he has a hilarious best friend, a crazy backstory and family and he loves with his whole damn heart. I dare you to try to dislike him. I looked forward to his chapters, because I needed more Finn and he made me laugh.

Emma tried my very last nerve. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her. Her childhood was just as messed up as Jake and Kyle’s and no one saw it or made allowances for it. I get why she didn’t trust that she could have a happy life without risking losing everything. It might be that I was so far invested in Finn that makes me judge her harshly. I couldn’t abide by her hurting Finn.

I loved the first two books, but this one gives you a different perspective on the impact that a tragedy has on other members of a family. I’m already planning on a re-read of this book just so I can re-experience Finn.