Rogue Wave (Cake #5) by J. Bengtsson


A love story that survives the test of time.

Keith McKallister is the king of the stoners. You know the type. Every school has one – the hot, fun, dopey guy beloved by the student body but despised by, well, just about everyone else. He spends his early mornings in the ocean and his days trying to get to class on time. Life is as easy as it gets until one poor choice too many catches up with him and he’s forced to reevaluate his path. 

Samantha Anderson sits in the front row. You know the type. Every school has one – the quiet, faceless, studious girl who fears the taunts of her peers and fades into the background. Life has never been simple for Samantha, and it’s about to get a little more complicated when Keith slides into the seat beside her with a partnership plan designed for his benefit only. But what Keith brings to the table is more than either of them could imagine. 

Sometimes the person you least expect to make a difference will change your life forever. Sometimes the person you love the most might be better off without you.

Pet’s $0.02

This book was everything I had hoped it would be.

Keith was definitely the lost boy of the McKallister family. But he was lost way before all the shit with Jake happened, and just when he was finding his footing again, with the help of Sam, he got knocked back down with Jake’s kidnapping.

The bitch of it was, no one in Keith’s family noticed that he was spiraling. The only one who did was Sam and he had absolutely no desire to listen to her voice of reason or compassion. He also didn’t have any capacity to be there for Sam when she needed him most.

I loved these two together, but they weren’t even close to being emotionally ready for a relationship. If you’ve read the previous books in this series, you know that their past is filled with ups and downs, hurt feelings and broken promises. It was depressing to see them go through everything they had to for their time to finally get there. They had to work for every little bit of happiness they could find.

But because you see all their struggles, you appreciate their highs just as much as they do.

I can’t wait for Quinn’s book. He may not have been as emotionally lost as Keith, but he suffered just as much after the kidnapping as the rest of them.