Beautiful Rush (Beautiful #3) by Emery Rose


After a lifetime of being tailed by her father’s bodyguards, Keira Shaughnessy just wants her freedom and independence, and to bond with her long-lost brothers.

On a quest to outrun her past, she turns to illegal street racing. She loves the rush, the hint of danger, and living just on the edge of losing control. The last thing she needs is a detective tailing her, no matter how hot he is or how much she’s tempted to kiss him. Again. 

When Deacon Ramsey runs into Keira at a street race, he knows he should stay away. She’s reckless. Dangerous. A perfect storm. He can’t afford to blow his cover. And he’s not convinced that the daughter of a ruthless criminal can be trusted. But when Keira’s past catches up to her, Deacon just might be the only one who can save her.

Pet’s $0.02

It’s not a surprise to anyone that I love this book since I’ve been a vocal supporter of this series for a while now. I just really love the writing and these stories just suck you in and don’t let go.

I absolutely love Killian and Connor. They’re so messed up I just want to hug them. But they’ve found their one’s and I feel like I should have known that Killian and Connor’s sister would be just as badass as her brothers.

Kiera may not have had the physical abuse that Killian and Conner did, but her childhood was just as messed up. She couldn’t trust anyone. Including her mother and father. And if you’ve read the previous two books you know how much of a shit-show her mother was.

To top it all off she falls for Deacon. An undercover cop who ends up keeping her in the dark as much as her father did. I hated that he had this whole other life that she wasn’t privy to and kept waiting for something awful to happen. How she allowed him to keep going silent for long periods of time, I’ll never understand.

This book has great tension, lots of interaction with Kiera’s brothers, which I loved, and a few surprises that I never saw coming. I’m not sure where the story will go from her or if we’ll get something new from her, but I cannot wait for more from Emery Rose.