Covering Ollie (On Call #2) by Freya Barker


Living in Durango, Colorado for the past eighteen years allowed Ollie Rizzo to build her own business and carve out a quiet existence for her and her teenage daughter. She’s used to going it alone. However, their new silver-haired neighbor might present a problem—not only is he handsome—he’s also Durango’s new chief of police; a complication she can’t afford.

For recently widowed Joe Benedetti, the job offer as Durango’s new chief of police came at the right time. With life, the new job, and his two young sons settling into a comfortable routine, he does his best to ignore the beautiful and intriguing woman across the street. Yet when he discovers she’s caught the attention of the FBI, there is no way he can stay away.

Their worlds collide with the appearance of FBI Special Agent Cruz Livingston. The agent has a warning to deliver, one that spins life in Durango out of control, giving Joe a crucial mission—keep Ollie alive.

Pet’s $0.02

A silver fox ready and willing to do anything to keep his woman protected.

Joe is just perfect. He fights what he could have with Ollie, but he just lost his wife to cancer a year and a half ago. I can understand some conflicted emotions there. He’s a dedicated father who took on a new job in a new town with limited resources to make a new life for himself and his sons. He’s got just a few other things on his mind. He’s not looking for a relationship with his neighbor. But he also can’t get her out of his head.

Ollie is just as devoted to her daughter, who she’s done a damn fine job of raising on her own. With the past she’s buried, that’s saying something. And, I’m not sure how she navigated some of the jacked-up stuff that she’s had to put up with for her latest job, but I give her props for not hauling off and throat punching someone.

These two have some of the best chemistry of any of Barker’s couples. They’re romance is not easy, but it’s not forced, and their families just grow together naturally.