Snitches Get Stitches (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #8) by Lani Lynn Vale


Good vs Bad.

Light vs Dark.

Right vs Wrong.

There are always two sides to every coin.

Josiah ‘Liner’ Paldecki knew the moment he laid eyes on her that there was something different about her. Something special. Something so unique that it practically poleaxed him the moment that their eyes met.

Except, the next time he saw her, it was like she was a different woman altogether. There was a blankness to her eyes that concerned him. An air of menace about her that honestly scared him to death. He’s more than man enough to admit it.
At first, Liner thinks it’s because she’s bi-polar, or possibly psychopathic.

Then he realizes the truth.

That there isn’t a single person that exhibits such different personalities, but two.

Two identical twin sisters, both completely different, yet exactly the same.

One with a soul, and one without.

One that has his heart, and one that only wants to destroy it.

Pet’s $0.02

It’s hard to get a read on Liner. He doesn’t say much, and he supports his brothers. That’s pretty much all I knew before this book. There are a few comments thrown out here and there in other books that give you a hint of his personality, but I still had no idea what to expect from him.

He’s the fucking bomb. I feel like a fourteen-year-old girl gushing all over some boy with the “OMGs” and the “I love him so much’s”. Frankly, the family is getting tired of hearing it.

And Theo. Don’t even get me started. If you just go by appearance, she might appear weak. Listless. Like she’s given up. You could not be more wrong. She’s so damn strong. You have to be to survive in a family like hers. I really didn’t think I could hate Tara any more than I did for the way she treated Rome. So. So. Wrong. And Theo navigated that hell for what had to feel like an eternity and still came out the other side sane.

I can’t wait to re-read this book, and that just doesn’t happen due to my massive TBR pile. LLV and her books are exactly why I don’t make any headway with that.