Twisted with Chaos by Hayley Faiman


Roxanne has spent her entire life trapped inside of her own head. Never completely alone, always struggling to be set free. 

When the Devils knock on her neighbors door, her inability to avoid risky impulses takes control and she tags along for the wild ride. 

Houston is a newly patched member of the Notorious Devils MC. He is instantly attracted to the wild firefly and cannot deny the fun that she offers on their trip. 

One night is all that he needs. He sees her, more of her than he should. He tries to steer clear, unsure if he is prepared to take on all of this woman. 

Two suffering spirits that are linked together in a way that neither can deny. Hurt. Lost. Betrayed. Lonely. When two like souls crash into one another, they will either combust or meld together as one.

Pet’s $0.02

Houston should really be given a damn medal for the amount of shit Roxanne put him through. The man is a saint. I couldn’t even blame him for finally just saying “fuck it” and moving on. Nope, not one bit.

There’s only so much I could excuse Roxanne for due to her mental illness. It felt like she fought being happy way harder than she fought for Houston. She may have had good intentions, and her judgement may have been skewed, but it made it hard for me to like her.

So, why did I love this book so much? Houston is probably the only man in existence that could love Roxanne the way she needed to be loved and he accepted everything about her. Every ugly little aspect of life was exposed between these two and they made each other stronger. What Houston felt for Roxanne was pure love, and everyone wants more of that in their lives.

I’m loving this spin off series to the Notorious Devil’s.