Inked (Sailor's Grave #2) by Drew Elyse



Six months of dancing around each other
led to one explosive night
and two weeks without a word.

Only then did I learn the truth:
The man I’d wanted since he walked into Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Parlor
was actually an undercover cop.

And the worst part is,
I don’t even know his real name.


For over eight months I held back.
Except for that one night when I couldn’t fight it anymore.
I’d wanted her from the beginning,
but I should have kept waiting until my secrets weren’t between us.

Now, I have the ultimate challenge before me:
convince the inked goddess of a receptionist
to at least let me keep her safe,
even if she won’t give me another chance.

Pet’s $0.02

I never did understand how someone could go into undercover like they do in books and movies. Being away from your family that long, leaving everything you know. No one ever knowing who you really are?

I get why Braden held off for so long on asking Jess out. That had bad idea written all over it. You can’t even tell the woman your real name. I had a lot of respect for the guy for wanting that part of his life over with before he started anything. But he doesn’t know the meaning of giving up, so when everything blows up between him and Jess, you know he’s going to fight for her to give him another chance.

Jess is a woman who is in your face with who she is. She doesn’t hide anything. She lives her life open. What you see is exactly who she is. You can see there are going to be problems with her interest in Braden immediately. I loved Jess’s whole personality. She did her own thing even when it was difficult and even when Braden ghosts her, she falls back on the family she’s made for herself at Sailor’s Grave.

This had a few twists to it that I didn’t expect. All the people you fall in love with from Marked are here in Inked and I’m really hoping we get a third book with some more of the guys from Sailor’s Grave.