Beauty and the Billionaire by Lauren Landish


Ruthless Bastard. White Knight. 
But I just call him “boss.” 

Thomas Goldstone. 
A man of billion dollar deals in custom-tailored suits, he demands more than your best. 

He’s scary. Driven. Haunted by inner demons that have taken him to the brink. 
But beneath the arrogant, controlling façade lies a heart of gold. 
It makes me want to solve him one growly, messy piece at a time. 
To be the only one who sees the truth of the man. 

But I’m . . . me. 
A pink-haired, anime-loving, data-crunching geek with an office in the basement of Goldstone HQ. 
My chances with the big boss? Statistically insignificant. 

His burning gaze and clenched jaw say otherwise though. Gives me hope and ignites a flame so hot my glasses fog up. 
I shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. 
Shouldn’t tempt the beast upstairs. 
Shouldn't keep wondering . . . 

Do fairy tales really come true?

Pet’s $0.02

Pulled me right in from the very beginning.

Anytime I see a title with Billionaire in the title, I’m a little skeptical. I mean how much does the normal everyday person have in common with them? But, this pulled me in right from the start and I can’t even point to one specific thing that drew me in.

I will say that the prologue threw me off. The play on the title for Beauty and the Beast combined with the prologue had me leaning towards this being fantasy, but this falls firmly into contemporary. It has a decent mystery and enough tech speak to make any geek happy.

I loved Mia. She was cool without it being in your face. I enjoyed the little things that built out her character, from the anime, the gaming, the music to the data crunching. She was someone I think I’d like to know. I loved that she knew she was a little off but owned it. She aspired to nobody else’s idea of what she should be.

I thought Thomas had a shit childhood and his father was an asshole. It was no wonder he was fucked up and had all kinds of hang ups. I loved that he provided for people anonymously and had a soft spot for other kids with shit childhoods. I was actually surprised he turned out as normal as he did.

And even though this book played on the Fairy Tale aspect. I couldn’t nail down similarities to just Beauty and Beast besides the obvious of Thomas and Mia in those roles. But I also found a little bit of Anastasia and Cinderella thrown in. Maybe you’ll find a few more.