Game Night by Cassidy Storm


All bets are off . . . Alyssa has crushed on her client, Mia, for months. So, when Mia invites Alyssa over for an all-girls’ “game night,” she’s all-in. But Alyssa quickly finds the stakes are much higher than she anticipated when she learns the name of the game is poker -- strip poker. Alyssa must up her ante when she realizes she faces stiff competition -- and that there's much more to lose than clothing…

Pet’s $0.02

I’m not sure how Alyssa, a newb to this group, even got invited to this party. And that Mia didn’t clue a girl in to what was going to happen there was not cool.

But, that’s kind of how the whole book played out. It left me questioning a lot of things about this book. Who invited Willow? Who is Dallas to the group? Why is Casey such a raging bitch and since that seems to be her go to setting, why would you keep inviting her back? It was a fairly long tease, with little to no finish. It felt like it wanted to be erotica but stopped right before we got to the good stuff.

There is very little background development for either of the two main characters Mia, the crushee, and Alyssa, the crusher. I’m not even sure they know each other well. I kept hoping we’d get some history on the two of them to help you understand why Mia invited her, or even what qualities Mia had that made Alyssa crush on her. None of that is ever answered other than Mia has a spectacular rack and Alyssa wants to get her hands on them.

I think that the lesbian genre as a whole is grossly under-represented in the book community and it’s nice to see that someone is writing this genre, especially with the over-abundance of M/M fiction out there. The writing is clean, the dialogue is smooth and what was there of the evening was well developed. But the characters just felt a little shallow to me and I found myself feeling like I didn’t know anything more about this group, or even the two main characters, than I did when I started it.