Sword Fight (Crossing Swords #2) by Mixie Edwards


Christopher Rush has seen the light. 

A year after he left home for college, Chris accepts his new reality and romantic relationship with his best friend, Jeremy Pratt. 

It was not a one-time thing. 

It meant everything. 

Girls who? 

Navigating their brand-new lives, in a brand-new state, with brand-new friends proves challenging. But not as difficult as coming out to their family and figuring out where they belong, one viral video at a time. 

Now, with all the time in the world, Christopher and Jeremy are ready to fight the good fight. 

Without socks. 

ellie’s $0.02:

The boys are back in town! My fave coming of age and coming out of the closet series is BACK. Christopher and Jeremy are hitting the parades of California in Sword Fight, the second in the Crossing Swords series.

Still hilarious. Still gay. Without socks. Twitches at all the right times. And a plethora of emotions.

Be sure to read Crossing Swords first if you are new to Mixie Edwards. You need the full experience of these characters.

For the few readers of Crossing Swords that accused this of being homophobic and gay bashing, I would say you/they are not reading the humor. These books fully support any lifestyle by anyone’s choosing.