Playing Doctor (Fandom Hearts #5) by Cathy Yardley


Cressida Frost is in a bind. The home and business she shares with her sisters are in jeopardy as the landlord threatens to sell the property out from under them. Her only hope is to win a four million dollar treasure hunt prize, buy the house, and save Frost Fandoms Bookstore and Collectible Shop. The only hitch in her plan: as an agoraphobic, the thought of traveling across multiple states to find the prize is more than daunting.

Noah Sukarno is in over his head. When trouble arrives on his doorstep and threatens his family, he knows he has to win the treasure hunt prize. He and Cressida have known each other for years through the contest fan boards, and he knows she is closer than anyone else to finding the treasure. However, his brilliant plan to volunteer to help her to get closer to the prize may just blow up in his face.

Agreeing to travel together in an RV painted to look like the TARDIS, Cressida and Noah both have a lot riding on finding the treasure. Working together to overcome her panic attacks and his sense of impending doom, they realize that the biggest risk may be to their hearts. Will mistrust and betrayal tear them apart, or will love prove to be “bigger on the inside?”

Pet’s $0.02

What a fun book. I expected it to center around the Doctor a lot more than it did, but that didn’t take away from it at all. These books for perfect for every gamer and nerd out there. Every one of the books in the Fandom Heart series touches on an aspect of the things I love to obsess about. From gaming, to binge watching fantasy, sci fi or other TV series, to just about any kind of convention you can think of, cosplay, coding, science… there’s something for everyone. I geek out every time I read one of these.

I didn’t think it was going to happened, but finally, Cressida got her own book. You can’t help but like Cressida. There is something tragic about someone who is so sweet being isolated by something like agoraphobia and I worried that she would be the one character in the series that didn’t get an HEA. I mean, how do you meet someone or build a relationship when you never leave your house?

I loved the way that Yardley prepares you for Cressida being able to leave the house in the previous books, so it’s not just out of the blue, she’s able to do something she’s never been able to do before. And I loved Noah for Cressida. He was perfect for her. In all the years he’s gotten to know her online, he’s never treated her like she was weird or somehow damaged. He accepted everything about her.

Probably my favorite book of this series.