Drawn into Love (Fluke My Life #4) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Courtney Williams wanted forever. She got six years of empty promises, a divorce, and a well-deserved settlement that’s paid her way to Manhattan. She has a new home under renovation, a new job, and a do-over as a happy “single in the city”—until she meets an architect with designs on more than her beams. He’s also a devoted single dad, a great cook, and has dark lashes to die for. Too good to be true. Now all Courtney can do is whisper, Oh no, not again.

Divorced Lucas Fremont isn’t looking to get swept away. But how can he not with a woman this sweet and sexy? She’s making his broken heart beat fast. His sister-in-law, Fawn, says go for it. But as cautious as Courtney is, Lucas has to do more than that. He has to fight for it. Now all he can do is think, Don’t let this one get away.

But Courtney comes with a secret. And Lucas comes with a bitter ex. If love is to stand a chance, they’re going to have to take a chance.

Pet’s $0.02

The books in this series are filled with couples that are likeable and they don’t have ton of angst.

The storylines are realistic, the families are crazy but not certifiable, and the things that happen to them are things people deal with every day. I liked that these were quick, light reads, but they weren’t shallow.

Lucas is not a new character to the series. He’s Levi’s brother who we’re introduced to in book one. So, you feel like you already know him and a ton of time isn’t spent building his history. You also know from that book that his ex-wife is a raging bitch and I was so happy to see he divorced her ass. Now, he spends his days raising his daughter and doing a kick ass job of it. He was such a sweet dad. He makes some questionable decisions, especially when he knows what led up to Courtney’s divorce, but his explanation made sense and it wasn’t anything that made me hate him.

I really liked Courtney. She could have been spoiled, she could have been bitter and bitchy after having to deal with her ex-husband, but she wasn’t. She’s hurt. And now she has to deal with her asshole ex who is intent of messing with her after she’s just started to get her confidence back. I thought the way that Reynolds built Courtney’s personality and her history was well done and made her easy to identify with.

This is my favorite book of the series, but I would still love to get Courtney’s friend Abby's story.