On the Edge (Winter Games #2) by Rebecca Sharp


Do. Not. Touch. 
Alice Ryder came with more warning signs than a museum exhibit.
Under twenty-one. Best friend’s baby sister. Heart-broken.
I was only supposed to keep an eye on her and keep my hands to myself.
But her sunshine sucked me in.
Why did she have to want me? Why did she have to want me to save her?
I wasn’t her savior. I wasn’t the prince in her fairytale.
I was only the asshole in shining armor.

For some, heartbreak becomes a habit.
Losing so much had taught me that it’s easier to just give up the things you care about before they are taken.
Because you can’t lose what you don’t have.
I gave up the warmth of the sun and sand hoping that the cold, snowy mountains of Colorado would be able to numb whatever feelings I had left and bury the pieces of my heart under the frost.
And then I met Emmett Jameson - the King of the Mountain and my brother’s best friend.
He was cold and controlling - treating me like the child that I wasn’t.
He was everything that promised to break what was left of me.
And I needed him for it.
My shattered heart would be safe wanting someone like him.
Then again, heartbreak was my bad habit.

Pet’s $0.02

I don’t think I was supposed to like Emmett as much as I did, but I really did, even though he was an asshole of epic proportions most of the time. He was a guy who just didn’t give that first fuck about what other people thought. I get that his childhood was messed up, but he just seemed to be wallowing in self-pity. And some of the bullshit he pulled in front of Ally should have had her running for the hills. I’m not sure if she was strong or stupid that she didn’t. Maybe a little of both. I didn’t think Emmett could come back from the way he acted, that he would have destroyed any chance he had with her, but surprisingly he ended up being my favorite guy in this series.

Ally wasn’t a complete pushover for Emmett and his bullshit, but she did give him way more chances than I think she should have. Some of the ways he treated her completely pissed me off, but she allowed him to keep treating her poorly, so he really didn’t have any motivation to stop being an ass to her. She seemed completely enamored with his bad boy image.

I would have thought these two could never work together. He was too much of a dick and she was too immature to deal with him. I was pleasantly surprised at the end that they did. Their story is full of drama and a lot of the time, it’s ugly. But, they had a way of getting under my skin and making me want more.