Toby (Leaves of a Maple # 4.5) by Haley Jenner


Willow Thompson walked into my life like a fairy tale. Prettier than any masterpiece, and years before I was ready. She stole my heart the moment our eyes met, and I've never felt more complete. 

Toby Matthews thinks he loved me first. I'm sure you've heard the story, he'll tell any sap who will listen. Love at first sight. My sweet boy. But that's not my truth. His... sure, but our love story started before our eyes ever met. Come, let me tell you how it really went down...

ellie’s $0.02:

There aren’t many love stories out there that are true, true, TRUE love from beginning to end. Toby is true love from front cover to back cover. Bone-deep, goose bump, heart warming, gave-me-chills-love.

Toby (character, not the book) is such an old soul that I didn’t expect from the first four books. The rest of the series he’s goofy and silly -albeit still 100% all Willow’s. But this gives us the soul of Toby. His heart. His true-being. Which is Willow.

This is all about believing in love at first sight. And staying true to that. It IS insta-love. It is constant love. It is loyal love.

Toby and Willow may have had love at first sight. I definitely did the first time I read Haley Jenner. insert heart eyes

But really… such a magnificent job of showing what a multi-dimensional character Toby truly is. He may be goofy, but he loves with everything. Again. insert heart eyes

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