Burning for Autumn (On Call #1) by Freya Barker


When Autumn McCoy accepted a temporary work contract in Durango, she thought it would be a safe way to add some spark to her existence. She may be getting more than she bargained for when she finds herself the target of impending danger. The outspoken forty-two-year-old isn’t prepared for that spark to ignite flames threatening to engulf every aspect of her life. 

Buried under the weight of responsibilities, all interim Chief of Police, Keith Blackfoot, wants is to get back to good old-fashioned detecting. He gets his chance when an encounter with a feisty redhead 
seems to incite a wave of arson cases. Although a visit from friend and firefighter, Roman “Chief” Proudfit, provides some direction, he’s left to battle an invisible menace fueling fires that could leave his town—and his heart—in ashes.

Pet’s $0.02

A new series by Freya Barker is out and filled with all kinds of hotness and danger.

You may remember Keith Blackfoot from her other series and it was cool that he got his own book. He brings a whole new level of hotness to law enforcement in Durango. He’s dedicated, loyal and totally infatuated with Autumn McCoy. I loved that he was so protective of her, even if she did fight him over it every step of the way.

As for Autumn. The woman needs to lighten up a bit. She likes Keith. A lot. And I get that she’s a strong independent woman, but damn! There is a fire bug out there that seems to be targeting her and instead of being thrilled that someone on the force is trying to protect her, she reacts less than graciously. It just seemed like she could have dialed down the antagonism a bit since, you know, someone’s trying to kill her. Keith, you can come protect me any day, sweetheart!

And, I'm struggling to figure out if we've heard of Chief and Sophia before this book. They’re brought into the story in a way that makes it feel like we’ve read about them before in another book. But, I’ve gone back and searched the other books and can’t find anything about them. Makes me feel I’ve walked into their story mid-way. Plus, although I remember Luna I feel like I'm missing part of her story in this book. Hopefully, more of her story will come later.

Regardless, the location is beautiful, the danger is real, the characters are memorable, and the hotness is off the charts. Another great start to a new series that I will be sure to keep following.