Mistake's Melody (Unquiet Mind #4) by Anne Malcom


He's world famous.
The most eligible bachelor in Hollywood.
Owns the stage and thousands of hearts around the world.
The bassist of Unquiet Mind.
Rock royalty.

But he's none of that to me.

To me, he's just Wyatt.
The teenager I met in my best friend's garage.
I promised him he'd never get into my bed or into my heart.
It turns out I lied.

ellie’s $0.02:

*le sigh*

It’s not a big secret that I am a sucker, SUCKER, for rock star romances. Take one of my fave authors writing one? Dude. Win-fucking-win.

Take Malcom’s beautiful style of writing, one mad, angry, strong female heroine (I always feel like I need to put a footnote that heroine and heroin are two completely different things), a super rock star hero, and an explosive chemistry - and you get… Mistake’s Melody.

While it went from love to hate to love to hate to love to hate to LOVE… their constant fighting just works without it being uncomfortable - you know that uncomfortable fighting I’m talking about - theirs is actually pretty hot, and I personally found their fighting amusing. Also, side note. I noted the heroine is angry. She is. But her bitchiness doesn’t rub off on the reader.

But really. What makes the story here is Malcom. I can never ever get enough of this writing, of this author, of this story telling. So inevitably, I don’t have much to say because I’m still just stunned. Shocked silent. This one shall sit in my gut for a long-ass time. So I’m going to sit quietly for awhile longer and enjoy what this book gave me. Everything.

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