Tempt My Trouble (Knights of Mayhem Book 1) by K.A. Ware


I never understood the lengths some men go to for a woman. 
Until I met her. 

I make deals in the shadows. 
She stands in the spotlight. 

Violence is my currency. 
Her skin pays her way. 

I’d die for my club. 
She’s running from hers. 

I want her body. 
She wants my protection. 

She’s a goddess in leather and lace, but getting close to her is like playing with an open flame. 

Together we’ll see how far we can push our luck until the fire gets too hot and we all burn.

Pet’s $0.02

I fucking loved this book. I wasn't sure what to expect because K.A. Ware is a new author for me, and there are certain assumptions that you make about MC books that make you think you know what’s going to happen. But, you’d be wrong, and she nailed it. It’s an MC book that isn’t quite 1%’ers and criminal mayhem on every page, but it’s not weekend club bake sales and fun-runs either.

The dialogue was smooth and felt very real. I tore through this because it just flowed. Norah was a little girl who idolized her father, even though he did some things that she knew would take him away from her and I when you meet her as an adult she has a very straight forward outlook on life. I can see why she has a no bikers rule and can’t really blame her. But, there’s no whining or bemoaning a life that is not ideal. She’s worked for hard for everything she has, and every accomplishment, and I loved that about her.

The interaction between Norah, aka Finley, and Baz was really well done. Their relationship isn’t all fighting and snarkiness. They certainly had their differences and their opinions on how things should be handled were sometimes vastly different, but she listened to Baz when he made sense and Baz was never just an asshole because he could be. 

This book pulled no punches and was just the right amount of gritty. The situation with her sister is brutal, but when shit hits the fan, you’re also not asked to suspend belief that nothing bad could happen to characters you’re invested in. 

Now, if I had my choice, I would love to get Baz’s sister’s story next. But, honestly, it doesn’t matter which one is next, I’m going to be putting everything else aside to read it.


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