Beautiful Lies (The Beautiful Series, Book 2) by Emery Rose


Gifted artist. Drug addict. A beautiful liar with the soul of a poet.

Connor Vincent.

Once upon a time, my foolish heart believed that my love would be strong enough to fix him.

How very wrong I was.

We soared to the greatest heights and crashed to the lowest depths together.

Starting over wasn’t possible.

Yet here he was, heart in hand, asking for another chance.

Only a fool would agree.

But when it comes to Connor, I’ve always been a fool.
My muse. My bluebird of happiness. The cunning thief who stole my heart.
Ava Christensen had been the best thing in my life, but I ruined us.

One more chance to get it right.

I would show her that I’ve changed. I’m not hell-bent on self-destruction anymore. I won’t be careless

with her. Not again.
This time everything will be different.

But once again my past catches up to me, and I’ll have to prove that I’m stronger than my addiction.
Stronger than my secrets and lies. Strong enough to be the man she deserves.

No more secrets. No more lies.
They say that truth is beauty … they’re lying.

Pet’s $0.02

There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I loved this book.

The subject is angsty and gritty and full of lies and forgiveness and lots of judgement. Plus, the writing is
really beautiful. It makes you feel like you’ve just walked into the scene, that you’re not just reading

about them.

And don’t look for everything to be wrapped up in the end in a nice pretty bow. These are hard issues,
with ongoing consequences and I appreciated that Conner and Ava didn’t just magically overcome all

their issues.

BUT…Connor and Ava deserved and worked hard for their ending. I’m not going to call it an HEA
because there are still a lot of things that will never be perfect for them, including the relationships they

have with their friends and family.

Can I say that I still hate Ava’s mom? I still believe that if she had not been such a bitch to Connor when
he was younger, and had allowed her husband to mentor him, as he had been, it may have made a huge

impact in the direction Connor’s life took.
Emery Rose is quickly becoming one of my one-click authors.

I don’t even need to see a blurb.

Agreed on all accounts.  Emery's writing is seamless and effortless... absolutely engaging every reader into her storyline.  Bravo.  This is an AMAZING book.  -ellie