Hollywood Dead (Sandman Slim #10) by Richard Kadrey


Life and death takes on an entirely new meaning for half-angel, half-human hero James Stark, aka, Sandman Slim, in this insanely inventive, high-intensity tenth supernatural noir thriller in the New York Times bestselling series.

James Stark is back from Hell, trailing more trouble in his wake. To return to L.A., he had to make a deal with the evil power brokers, Wormwood—an arrangement that came with a catch. While he may be home, Stark isn’t quite himself . . . because he’s only partially alive.

There’s a time limit on his reanimated body, and unless Stark can find the people targeting Wormwood, he will die again—and this time there will be no coming back. Even though he’s armed with the Room of Thirteen Doors, Stark knows he can’t find Wormwood’s enemies alone. To succeed he’s got to enlist the help of new friends—plus a few unexpected old faces.

Stark has been in dangerous situations before—you don’t get named Sandman Slim for nothing. But with a mysterious enemy on the loose, a debt to pay, and a clock ticking down, this may truly be the beginning of his end. . . .

Pet’s $0.02

My initial thoughts…

Fuck Candy

Fuck Kasabian

Fuck Wormwood

Pretty much, fuck everything but Stark.

Carlos? He’s the fucking man! He’s now my favorite friend of Stark’s.

Is there a name for what you’re doing when you’re yelling at your book and the characters? There should be, because that’s exactly what happened to me with this one. Yelling at the characters and they’re not listening? Those motherfuckers…

I tried to make excuses for Stark’s friends. I did. I hated the way they made me feel every time they interacted with Stark. They’ve been through a lot of sketchy shit with him, and his life is anything but stable, but I can’t. They’re assholes. For a group of people who called him friend, they were quick to judge. At least, in my opinion. I’m not sure what offends me more, the all out animosity from Kasabian, or that Candy doesn’t seem to even miss him and has moved on. 

Oh, and Alessa? Fuck her too.

I’ll admit, I’d kind of mellowed toward some of the characters by the end. But, not by a lot. My only hope now is that Janet comes back to play with Stark in book eleven. I just want Stark to catch a damn break.

 I’ll leave you with this. Any book that waxes poetic about Children Shouldn’t Play With Death Things, and honestly if you’ve never seen it, shame on you, is a book that is going to take you weird and wonderful places.

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