Frostbite (Bear Paw Resort #3) by Cambria Hebert


Revenge is a dish best served cold. 

What if we lose everything?

It was a question that had haunted me even after I spoke it aloud.

Turns out one loss—one profound loss—is enough to put everything else at stake. 

What a house of cards life can be. How easily everything ices over. 

We’ve survived an avalanche, made it through a blizzard, but now a chill has set in. A cold so deep it reaches beyond bone.

The end of the storm provided a new beginning, but we can’t start over while we’re still frozen in the past.

How can I face a man who’s lost so much because of me? How can he face me?

This powerful secret between us grows with every breath I take. Will it pull us closer or sever a bond I once thought unbreakable?

The threat to my life is gone. Yet I’m still terrified.

Cold has laid claim to Liam. Whenever we touch, the bite of frost nips at my heart. 

His obsession for revenge grows, hurling him further from me and closer to the frostbite taking over.

Pet’s $0.02

I did not fall in love with this series, but that might have been my own fault, since I may have been expecting something closer to #Hashtag or #GearShark and that wasn’t what this was intended to be. If you take the series on its own and don’t try to fit into that mold, you’ll enjoy the series.

Bellamy is a likeable girl. She’s had some truly awful stuff happen to her over the past two to three years and it’s understandable that she’d run from the mob, to a person and a place where she found happiness in the past. I do think it was kind of silly to expect that they would not find her when the FBI allowed her to keep her first name almost intact, but I could live with that. I think that getting involved with an Olympic hopeful, which comes with all the media attention, kind of makes that point moot anyway. But, by book three there are more serious issues to be dealt with. She’s been found, she’s fighting some major guilt over her role in the death of Liam’s dad, and Liam’s mom isn’t her biggest fan, for obvious reasons.

Liam isn’t helping matters. He’s also suffered a huge loss and he’s just spread too thin with obligations to make anyone happy, including himself. It’s only after he realizes how far things have spiraled out of his control that he starts to focus and I started to like him more. I do like that he never waivered in his love for Bellamy, he just sucked in showing her how much at times. I could excuse that, considering.

But, the best part of this book, in my opinion is Alex. Liam is too much of a hothead and isn’t thinking things through clearly through most of the book. Alex is calm, has a plan, and has the means to make his friends as safe as possible. I’m looking forward to book four since we’ll finally get Alex’s story.

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