Credence Woods by Alexandria Sure


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you find it.

Weight loss surgery (checkmark)
Successful career (checkmark)
Love … there’s no time for that!

Kennedy Hewson is a workaholic that hasn’t had a vacation in over five years. Thanks to her streak of record sales, she’s been able to purchase a multi-million dollar condo in downtown Chicago and acquire a fabulous boutique size high heel collection.

While on location for work, Kennedy finds a calm in an unexpected place. Will she give up everything she’s worked so hard for or will she say goodbye to Tennessee and the stranger that made her feel a sense of ‘home’ for the very first time?

Pet’s $0.02

Kennedy might look completely different than she did ten years ago, but she’s still holding on to everything from her past that makes her feel ‘not good enough’ to really be happy.

She has a great group of friends, a fantastic friend/assistant who’s both supportive and doesn’t let her get away with self-destructive behavior, and she finally has the outward appearance that she’s always wanted.

Too bad, sometimes having everything that you’ve worked for, doesn’t make you feel how you thought it would.

I loved seeing the changes that Kennedy has gone through from her beginning with In the Pursuit ofCharitythrough the rest of her story in Credence Woods. She’s not had an easy life, regardless of the success she has now, and she’s allowed the past to get a stranglehold on her present.

Max is the catalyst that she needed to make her take a good long look at her life and evaluate what she wants out of it now. He makes her think, he makes her question her long held beliefs about herself and their long-distance relationship allows him to get to know her as a person and not just by her appearance, which has always been her focus.

It’s a slow burn of a story that deals with a woman’s self-discovery around self-image, new love and letting go of an idealized idea of what could have been.


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