Cabin 12 (Rock Pointe #2) by Freya Barker


Even at thirty seven, with a challenging but rewarding career as a paramedic, Bella Gomez is treated as the baby of the family. It’s made her allergic to anyone meddling, so she chooses to keep mostly to herself. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop her family from inserting themselves in her life. Nor does it deter the one man she knows she shouldn’t get close to from showing up on her doorstep.

Jasper Greene, an FBI agent with the La Plata County field office, doesn’t even know the meaning of family. His team is his family, which is why—when his boss asks him to keep an eye on his baby sister—Jasper readily complies. Even when the sister in question is a spectacularly developed princess with plenty of attitude.

With a shooter on the loose and corruption running rampant, Bella is a magnet for trouble, and Jasper finds himself with his hands full—in more ways than one.

Pet’s $0.02

Bella and Jasper were a great match for each other. But, it took them an incredibly long time for them to admit it to each other. It wasn’t even that they disliked each other necessarily. But, there were some unfounded assumptions made and Bella felt she had a lot to prove to herself and others, which she allowed to cloud how she viewed her life.

I went back and forth on liking Bella. Ultimately, I liked her a lot. She was a strong woman when it came to her career.  She fought hard to make it in a field that can’t be easy for a woman. But, when it came to her family, she wasn’t quite as confident. She knew she was doing what she wanted to do with her life, but I would have loved to see her stand up to her mother more. Her father though? I love that man. He took laid back to a whole new level, which he’d have to, or go insane in that family. And with all the chaos of her family, I liked that he took the time to tell her how proud he was of her and her choices.

Jasper has a lot stacked against him right from the beginning. He’s a workaholic, he seriously does not want his boss, who is Bella’s brother, to know he wants his sister, and Bella thinks he’s a player, so it looks like it’s a no go anyway. But, the man shows when it’s something that matters to him, nothing is going to stop him. I’m glad he didn’t let Bella chase him off. And the support he shows Bella will make you fall in love with him.

The underlying tension that Barker builds into the story was really well done. There were a number of different ways the story could have gone and I was genuinely surprised when the story took a turn I didn’t expect. Building a romance in the midst of a mystery takes skill that Barker has proven she’s mastered.


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