Rock F*ck Club (Rock F*ck Club #3) by Michelle Mankin


The Gods of Rock Tour. 

4 summer concert venues. 10 famous rock stars to f*ck.

Two at a time. Maybe even three. 

I know what I like and how to get it.

I’m Marsha West. Raven Winter’s best friend. A sidekick no longer, I’m in the starring role. 

I’m going to f*ck whoever I want. However I want. Whenever I want. I have my reasons for being the way I am and doing the things I do. I’ve warned WMO they might have to stretch the rules to keep their TV-MA rating for me.

It’s Rock F*ck Club. Season Two.

What could go wrong?


K3’s $0.02

I am a sucker for rock star romances. Not only did the title catch my eye but the characters touched my soul. Seriously, who hasn’t fantasized about banging a few rock stars? 

In the previous books, we met Raven’s best friend Marsha West, aka Mars. What attracted me to her was her destructive side, her dark side. She is now the star of the next seasons RFC. RFC is about women empowering themselves, taking control of their lives and living in the moment and making a point.

Her path to happiness was a rough one. Marsha has to be one of the most self-destructive, self-loathing characters I have read lately. My heart bled for her. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol and some use sex. Sex is her vice “Anytime, Anyplace, Anyway”… I am all for self-discovery but Mars takes it to a whole new level.

Marsha’s path is complicated, surrounded by pain and is shattering. I was happy to see where she ended up with. I admit, I wasn’t his biggest fan but in the end he proved to be her white/dark knight.

Michelle Mankin does not disappoint and she absolutely wow’d me with this installment. Sexy, painful, heartbreaking and beautiful.

Definitely worth reading.

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