UPPERCASE (Fucked #1) by R.K. Gleason


There have been countless theories about how to survive a zombie outbreak. All of them based on impossibilities and conjecture, turned into fantasies and science fiction. 
No one truly needed to prepare themselves, because no one believed it could ever really happen…

But now, Dave and Pam Richter are trapped in the impossible.

Forced to race against the spread of a rabid plague from a source no one suspected, and those ordered to contain and destroy it.

Playing dead has taken on a chilling new meaning.

ellie’s $0.02:

The first in one is sure to be one of my new favorite zombie series. This is quick start to the Fucked Series. Or for those of you offended, the F*cked Series. Because, you know, the asterisk makes the bad language a-okay.

This is the introduction, laying out the action coming in the series. We meet Dave and Pam and their family and start discovering the naughty dogs the come across.

Full of humor and the perfect layout of what I hope is a petrifying and disgusting and humorous zombie series. But who knows where we are going with the mind of R.K. Gleason.

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