Collared by the Badman (Russian Bratva #11) by Hayley Faiman


Sergei Orlov has lived a life of dark corruption. Denying himself any bit of normalcy and happiness as a way to protect his family—of blood or Bratva. He’s seen as a savior to his men, living in darkness behind closed doors. 

Raisa was a girl sold into a life of sexual servitude. Memories of her life before—forgotten. She aspires to be cherished by a man who will forever keep her as his own, never to be sold, abused, or traded again. 

A favor asked, turns into something else, something unquestionably beautiful. Sergei cannot deny that Raisa stirs something inside of him. Something that he has never felt before. 

One fractured savior. One shattered soul. When the two collide, their lives take on new meaning. 

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to Language, Sexual Content, Violence, and Sexual Abuse Situations. 

ellie’s $0.02:

Oh boy.  The content and subject matter on this one is definitely not going to be for everyone. 

But for the readers that can get past the realism of Dommes and Submissives, you’re going to get one helluva story.  I admit that at times even I get squirrelly with the heroine sleeping in cage and LIKING it.   

At the end of the day, I was 100% captivated by this book.  Not only was I captivated by the storyline, the characters and writing were the best I’ve read from Hayley. 

Did I like the characters?  I think so.  Sometimes.  Could I relate to the characters and plot?   Hell to the fucking no.  Did I love the story?   Hell to the fucking YEAH.  

It was intriguing, gripping, and held me the entire way through.   I wanted to find out what the fuck was going to happen.  And was this couple ever going to be a “normal” couple.  Like I dunno, she wears clothes for a day or lives outside of a cage or something.  They ain’t Leave it to Beaver’s parents.  The Cleavers?   That’s for damn sure.   

In a weird way, this was my favorite in the series.  The captivation (literally) and intrigue factor were huge wins for me.  

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