The Wrong Blaze by Meagan Brandy


As head of Blackline Academy, I spent my days training with the elite, getting them ready for the one thing each hopes to gain in the end, the chance to call themselves a Blaze. 

I had it all figured out, knew exactly who and what I wanted in life, then he came back, determined more than ever to prove me wrong. 

He's forced his way into my world, demanded my attention no matter the cost.

He pushed until I fell. 
And then he knocked me down.

But nothing is ever as it seems.

Hate is where it started. 
Love is where it was headed. 
Lies are what destroyed everything.

Now I'm left to wonder...did I fall for the wrong Blaze?

The Wrong Blaze is a full-length novel. The first part was originally published in the Burn Me Anthology and left you on a cliffhanger. THIS is the full story!

ellie's $0.02:

The mystery.  The questions. The anger.  The chemistry.  The fire.  The fighting. And more fighting.

The end.

This was my first Meagan Brandy read, and to say I was floored by the talent in this book would be putting it lightly. Meagan brought all sorts of emotion out of me... mostly anger. But completely justified emotions.  If a book can make feel that much emotion, tremble with rage, pull my hair out with frustration, and then soothe it with the love story... it's a SOLID win for me.

The characters, the characters, the characters.  All of them will be on your checklist at some point to punch in the face.  Trust me.  Not a single one of them escaped my wrath of anger.  But I loved that.  I love feeling that much while reading fiction.

You'd be crazy not to pick this one up.  There is so much blazing emotion in this one, so many questions, so many unknowns... it's a constant ride with the characters and oh so worth it. 

Chalking it up as one of my top reads of 2018.