Jude (Signature Sweethearts Book 3) by Kelsie Rae


When Jude is offered the position of assistant coach to an online gaming championship, he’d be a fool to turn it down. But when his celebrity crush ends up being on the team, he decides to teach her a lot more than a few gaming tricks. 

Quin doesn’t date. Being the breadwinner since she was sixteen will do that to a girl. So when the sexy new British coach shows up, she refuses to be distracted. She has goals, and she will achieve them. No matter the cost. 

But is she willing to lose the only thing that matters to her in order to do so?

ellie's $0.02:

Calling all gamers, readers, and general "nerds."  This book is for US.  Us.  Not the "US." Nerds and geeks unite!  *insert power fist here*

This plot and setting is so unique and FRESH.  Setting is the competitive gaming world.  YESSSSSS.  I feel a little in love with just that aspect.

Enter Jude.  The hot pro-gamer.  Apparently this isn't the first we've met him as this is third in the series, but my first read. Quin is the minority.  As in the young, new FEMALE tromping the gaming world.

The mix of making the gamers hot, alpha, confident, geeky, competitive, all of it... is ahmuzing.

The characters are fun and thoroughly developed (not bodily, Quin is nineteen), Kelsie took the time to give each of the players, I mean characters, full personalities, full traits, and a complete storyline - with and without the gaming plot.

Don't be scared if you're not a gamer or so not into video games.  The story itself with Jude and Quin is sweet, fun, and definitely entertaining.  

I loved it all.  All the aspects.  Kelsie is a brilliant writer and spins the tale in perfect sync and flow.

Side note:  Watch Bryce Thompson on IG for his live feeds of his gaming.  Kelsie Rae and I are OBSESSED with watching him geek out with his gaming time and live feeding it for all of us.