Love Undiscovered by Denise Wells


Lose her Louboutins?

No way in hell. 

Remi never gambles without knowing she can win. She may be notoriously noncommittal, but when her friends bet she can’t stay in a relationship for a month, it’s game on.

Chance is finished with relationships. But he needs money and getting the girl has never been his problem. With $2500 on the line to thaw the ice queen, otherwise known as Remi, it’s challenge accepted.

One month. Four dates. No problem.

What neither of them count on is developing real feelings.

Or for their past secrets to threaten the present.

ellie's $0.02:

I thought I loved the first book in the series, but this one kinda wiped it aside.  Side note:  I said "series" but they are stand alone, so you're cool reading this first, but uncool that you haven't read Denise Wells yet.

Chance and Remi are truly one of a kind and just can't be beat. Remi is so much more than I had first anticipated (cue the part above if you had read the first book you would know what I'm saying, but moving on...).  And Chance.  I thought I would hate his macho rugby jock ass.  But damn.  Dude was just so loyal and... in love. That's just hot.

All the pieces of this book was everything.  The characters are strong.  The writing is strong. The chemistry is STRONG. The plot hit me in all the right angles and the right places to push my happy buttons. 

At moments, this book did have me legit laughing out loud.  Slightly awkwardly at Starbucks sitting there laughing by myself.  It's cool.  I live in an eclectic area.  But let's just say picking 'pepperoni' as the safe word and the scene that plays out... well... I died.

End of the day, end of the story, end of the review?  I really really loved this book.  All parts of it.