Downbeat (Lightning Strikes #4) by Jodie Larson


Downbeat |n|: The first beat in a measure, often the strongest.

Fame, fortune, traveling to different cities across the country…I’m living the dream. As the drummer for the Lightning Strikes, it’s my job to hook you in and keep you coming back for more. It’s my craft, my calling, what I’m a master at. 

Even with all that, I’m still just a normal guy who wants to eat at food trucks and lounge on the couch, playing video games until I can’t see straight.

Everything was perfect.

At least I thought it was, until a blonde bombshell walked into my life and made me question everything I thought I knew. 

I want her.
I need her. 

Only, she’s afraid of the spotlight, afraid of what it’ll do to her and the ones she loves. The wall around her heart is keeping me out, but I know before long I will break down her barriers. 

She needs to know that there is more to us than what she sees, that this chemistry between us is our downbeat to forever.

All the guys in the band have their happily ever after. Maybe it’s time for mine.

ellie's $0.02:

For the record, I love all the guys' stories.  I love Pax.  But I still love Myles more.

With that said, Jodie's Lightning Strikes are all wins.  Pax is the quieter, video-gamer-geek guy of the band.  We haven't really gotten into his head until this one.  And despite the title of the book, this book isn't actually downbeat.  OHHHHH.  Downbeat.  'Cuz he's a drummer.  Get it?

Anyway.  Gamer-geek-drummer Pax and single-mom Kyle.  Guess what happens?  Duh.  They fall in love.  But the author tells their story so much better than that.

Definite win.  Jodie Larson is always on my TBR lists.  Always.  She's right up my alley with style of writing and entertaining plots and characters.  I'm retitling to Upbeat.  Or maybe Onbeat.  My Beat?  Beat off?