Redemption (Vincent and Eve #3) by Jessica Ruben



Through every drop of blood I spilled, I lost a piece of my soul. I’ve sacrificed seven long years and the woman of my life for the Family. With prison behind me, I’m finally taking the reins of my destiny. I won’t allow the choices of my past to define my future. But I’m not done fighting—not yet.

Eve is still out there.

I will stop at nothing to get her back.


After having my heart torn out by the son of the biggest crime family in New York, I was forced to start over in California. With three thousand miles between me and my past, life is finally set on cruise control. I’m a lawyer at one of the best law firms in the country, I own my apartment, and I even have a doting boyfriend by my side.

As for love?

It’s not worth the fight.

*Redemption (Vincent and Eve Book 3) is the final book in the Vincent and Eve trilogy. You must read Rising (Vincent and Eve Book 1) and Reckoning (Vincent and Eve Book 2) in order to enjoy the conclusion of this heart-stopping romance.


ellie's $0.02:

The finale is finally here, and I really hope this isn't the last we see out of Jessica Ruben.

These aren't stand alone books and now that all three are out, they are amazing to read back-to-back.  And the final book wraps everything up.  Everything has changed.  Everyone is different.  Everyone has grown up. A lot can happen while Vincent is locked away in prison. And while those details aren't laid out, we still get the Vincent and Eve of who they are today.

My favorite part of the book was a male character saves himself for his one and only.  Given he was in prison, but still, in a way, he waited for her.  Vincent is one damn hot character and I love the man he turned out to be.  Seriously, so fucking swoon-worthy when those dudes know who they want and wait for it.  Le sigh.

The answers to the mysteries, the drama resolved, dreams are made, the ending and the start of Vincent and Eve all wrapped up in the finale.  Love the trilogy!

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