A Change of Pace (Northern Lights #3) by Freya Barker


Once a man who lived by the letter of the law.

Newt Tobias will do anything for his little girl. Even take early retirement, sell his city home, and move to cottage country, hoping that the simpler life will provide a better balance for his troubled teenage daughter. 

Yet, not long after they’ve settled, he finds himself toe-to-toe with a stubborn, fiery tempered woman with pretty brown eyes.

Once a recluse preferring to live alone. 

Working with troubled adolescents, Frederique Marchand doesn’t suffer fools and won’t put up with bullies. Especially handsome strangers like Newt who think they can run roughshod over her. She loves her work, but on her own time she much prefers the company of her menagerie of animals.

But with the welfare of a teenager at stake, she must put aside rocky first impressions and work with a man who needs her as much as she’ll come to need him.

Pet’s $0.02

I love this book! And Newt is probably my favorite man in this series.

Freya has brought us another believable relationship and adults with real life problems.

Newt is what we hope all fathers could be. He loves his daughter to distraction. It has to be absolutely heartbreaking to see your child hurting and not be able to help them. He’s at a total loss. What makes him a great man, as well as a great father, is his ability to accept help from others when he knows needs it.

Freddy has a great life, but she’s gone through hell to get to where she is today. She has an affinity to kids and animals, and is the perfect person for Newt’s daughter to open up to. Writing kids into stories can be iffy, but Freya brings Millie into the story without it ever feeling forced or over simplified.

This is a beautiful story with memorable characters who you’ll want to revisit often.