Nine (Boyle Heights #3) by Elizabeth Reyes


NINE (Boyle Heights series #3)

After years of gravitating to douchebag players with no more to offer than a wildly good time and zero promises, single mom Drew has graduated to dating a real man. He's the responsible, mature kind—willing and able. To offer her and her daughter a real future.

Then along comes Nine.

More like a ten, is her first thought when introduced to the tatted-up, foul-mouthed, unapologetic player. The guy might've been her kryptonite five years ago.

But she has a child to think about now.

With every new encounter she has with Nine, she begins to realize there's so much more to him than just good looks and his bad boy image. She sees a vulnerability in him she never expected. Worse yet, he's sending out vibes that whisper of promises he's never made to any girl before.

Is she willing to trade in Mr. Perfect for someone who's one impetuous decision away from proving that her first impression may have been heartbreakingly spot on?

Ivy's $0.02:

Elizabeth Reyes is my favorite author. Her writing captivates my ever emotion. I’ve read all of her books and I’m always amazed at how they just keep getting better with each one she puts out.  This is book 3, of her Boyle Heights series. A spinoff of her 5th street series but also includes crossovers from her other series. 


Nine has it all: humor, angst, boundless swoon moments and hot sex scenes. Seriously I was ready to wake up my husband. 


Drew has always been attracted to the hot, tatted up sexy papi’s. But she has a daughter now and is looking to settle down. Past experiences have her convinced all bad boys are not ready for committed relationships, least of all an insta-family like they’d be getting with her. Nine is exactly what she needs to stay away from. She tries, she really does but she never expected to connect with him. Especially not on a such a deep level. 


Nine, Oh, my Gosh where do I begin. I loved everything about him. His upfront honesty. His cocky and hilarious personality. I even loved his politically incorrectness. It was just so him. I LOVED all their conversations and falling in love with them. Their moment at the shower SWOON! Everything about their slow burn was so delicious and had me turning pages. 


UNTIL sonofabitch if there wasn’t a moment where I wanted to wring his effing neck! I was so close to throwing my kindle and saying “Hell, nah!!!” But this is Elizabeth and I knew she wouldn’t do me that way. At least I prayed she wouldn’t and I was right. She had me gripping my kindle so damn tight and my insides all knotted up then she fixed it all up in that hilarious yet “Ay benito” thank God moment where I was finally able to breathe!

Absolutely recommend and she gave us a sneak peek of the next in the series. I’m already dying for Orlando’s story!