Cocky Nerd by Kayley Loring



**LNB DISCLOSURE!  We wrote this review before #cockygate and believe this title has been changed to Sexy Nerd**

Not gonna lie to you.

When he walked into my restaurant, I thought he was the hottest man I’d ever seen in person. 

And then he spoke. 

And I realized who he was. 

The world now knows him as John Brandt—ridiculously wealthy handsome genius workaholic startup founder and tech entrepreneur. I will always think of him as the annoying geek who's my older brother’s best friend. He yanked my pigtails and called me Tiny Dancer. I put rubber snakes in his sleeping bag and called him Johnny B. Nerdballs. 

Market research has told him that he needs a girlfriend for an important business trip and gala event. He says he doesn’t want to bring someone that he has to impress or make an effort with, so he thought of me and figures I could use a nice vacation from my life right about now. 

He is one cocky nerd. Even if he’s right. 

I need the money and he can actually help me with my career, but I think he needs to be schooled in the art of treating a lady right. Lucky for him, I am just the woman to finally teach him…Turns out his total lack of social skills does not correspond to a lack of skills in the bedroom. At all. He even teaches me a few new tricks. 

Every time he opens his obnoxious mouth I can’t believe this guy’s for real. Every time he touches me, every time he reminds me of who I was before I started to lose myself in the big city, I can’t believe that what we have right now is fake. 

I’m afraid that by the end of the month either I will have punched him in the face, or the last man on earth I ever thought I’d fall in love with will have broken my heart. Or both.

Pet’s $0.02

This was a fun book and there were parts of both John and Olivia that I did like, though neither one of them completely hooked me. But, if I had to pick my favorite, it would be John.

John was quirky and nerdy and so fucking smart that he almost thought himself out of any kind of relationship with Olivia. He’s one of those guys who’s so smart, he’s dumb. He would rather plan out every little detail of how he’s going to win Olivia over rather than just letting her see that he really cares about her. There were times that he walked away or gave up before I felt like he really tried, which frustrated me. But, he also has a sweet, clueless side that definitely made me root for him. His childhood alone made me want to give him a big old hug.

Olivia knew what she wanted and went after it. Kind of the exact opposite of how John worked. John hesitated and Olivia charged into everything. But, I found that I was back and forth on how I felt about her. She was kind of a bitch as a kid. I never really understood what John did to her that pissed her off so much as a girl. And as an adult, I wanted to like her, she was likeable most of the time, but there were times that she just seemed mean.

In the end, I’m not sure if I can say I loved their relationship. I think it’s got a lot of dysfunction to it. But, I did like the second chance/enemies to friends aspects of it and I think if they can get past their petty childhood prejudices they just might make it together.