Indian Hill 7: Defeat's Victory: A Michael Talbot Adventure by Mark Tufo


In this explosive conclusion to the Indian Hill series we find Mike, Tracy, Drababan, BT and the entire crew of the now destroyed USS Guardian hurtling through space, head on into their destiny. But will it be the one they seek or the destruction of all they know and have ever known.

Pet’s $0.02

Okay, so there were a few times that I cried. 

I told Mark I was not going to be happy if he did specific things in this book, but did he listen? No, he did not. He charged right in there laying waste to all of my favorite things. How do I come back from that?... 

In review, I’m still am not a fan of Paul, and Beth is a total psycho, so nothings changed there. And I can’t think of another person I’d wish Beth’s fate on more than that loon. She got exactly what she deserved.

I still adore BT and Drababan, and Tracy is just bad ass!! The new Rodashians were kind of cool, but I’m not sure I would have trusted them as quickly as Mike did. Then again, he always seems to pull everything out of the shitter even if it is only by accident. 

There’s a lot of metaphysical theory that hurt my brain and paradoxes are always fun to try to reason through, but just let that go and don’t dig too deeply into the how. Just enjoy why things are happening like they are.

Now. Let’s get back to whether I can come back from the soul crushing things Mark Tufo did to my favorite characters. What a bastard…. I cursed him. I railed at the unfairness of it all. And, I swore that I might overreact when I saw him later this year.


He saved it for me. 

I didn’t think it was possible. 

I didn’t think he could come back from the shenanigans he pulled. 

In the end… it was more than I’d hoped for. I was satisfied with his explanations, and I couldn’t really be angry anymore, because things happened exactly as they had to.

I’m not thrilled with where he ended it. I needed more. I can’t believe he left it where he did and walked away like we wouldn’t have more questions. Like we wouldn’t read the final word and think What.The.Fuck?

And, while I may no longer be vocally questioning his parentage, I will be discussing the dangling of the Michael Talbot carrot he teased us with at the end when I speak to him.